January 30, 2007

Complete Guide For Promotion of Your Blog

Many times we come across such SEO, traffic exchange, and traffic increase tips, and finds that these guidelines are incomplete without appropriate links. So I thought why not to post something useful which would help everyone from novice to problogger. So I digg a bit and came up with some nice links with will help us to increase our readers and in turn help to make money online smartly.

  • Making Money Online
Making money online is seems to be easy but very difficult to get going. A blogger can reach 100$ month, but I think it’s very difficult to increase earning from 100$ to 1000$ per month.

Google Adsense program:

So it directly depend upon four basics things

Adsense Positioning, Increasing traffic, Relevant ads and High Paying Ads.

So you should sign at Google Adsense program for making money online.

Google Alternatives:

Main Google alternative is signing Yahoo! Publisher network. But YPN rules are bit strict and your site will be selected if you have reasonable PR. And major alternative to Google Adsense programs are:

  1. Kolimbo
  2. Linkshare
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Chitika, eMiniMalls
  5. Clicksor

  • Blog Design basic and Creative Exchange

It’s very essential to give your Blog different look than others. And apart from standard changes that wordpress and blogger allows, it’s always wise to modify your Blog at ease. And to modify your Blog, you must learn at least basic CSS codes. Here are some useful links to help you out for CSS coding.

1. W3 Schools. Learn, (HTML, XHTML, CSS, TCP/IP)
2.HTML Goodies. *Free*

3. Total Tutorials (Lot's of stuff)

4. HTML Help Guide. *Free*

5. Awesome tips and tricks, the guy has some nice tricks with design plus some skins:

6. Do you have Banners created for your site? then visit FREE Banner Exchange.
Great Banner

Purchase more credits *5,000 for $5* and reach a wider audience with you banner)

  • Search engine Optimization (SEO tips)

SEO, the word which every blogger is most worried of and curious about it. Though SEO can not guarantee you sudden traffic, but it will increase your chances of getting more traffic. Some Of the useful SEO inks are:

Search Engine Forums
How do I get my site listed on Google?
Getting Website Recognized, Google Answers Home
Search Engine Watch
Submit to Yahoo
Submit Express
Google Search, get your website listed

Cool Site of the Day
Add your URL to Google
Getting Higher Google Rankings
Self Promotion
Google Addurl
Camtech 2000
Submit Corner

How to suggest a your to the Open Directory
Search Engine Watch
Incoming Links Guide


  • Blog Promotion Links

Pheedo Exchange
Glob of Blogs
Blog Reporter (Like Digg)

  • Blog Basics

Blog basics include some of the tips and tricks that every blogger must know.

  1. After Updating your site (Articles, etc.) go here and *Ping all that are related*.
  2. Always burn your feed, so as to get regular readers. A very Good & Free way to keep track of your visitors and all your Stats for your Blog.
    FeedBurner http://www.feedburner.com

Feedburner Stats (new) http://blogs.feedburner.com/feedburn...audience_1.php

  1. Track your Visitors and get visitors http://www.mybloglog.com/
  2. Link to other pages, and have them linked to you.
  3. Use relevant META tags for keywords and description
  4. Announce your website in many online forums (if Allowed or in your Signature File). Many sites frown on Posting about Personal Sites.
  5. Register your url with Google and as many other search engines as possible.
  6. Update your site often to have repeat visitors.
  7. Add your url in your email signature.
  8. Do a search on Google, then at the bottom of the page is "Dissatisfied with results? Help us improve" link. Just fill out the info. and the spiders will go to your site.
  9. Add your url to your business card and pass them out.

  • Pro Blog basics

  1. Find sites "Stealing your content"... Copyscape http://www.copyscape.com/
  2. Things you need to know about *Creative Commons* http://creativecommons.org
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