January 18, 2007

AdsenseBlacklist.com Suspended From Adsense

Yeah it’s another Google move to ban the site. The site was banned because it had “Adsense” in the domain. I saw this on that website.

“Due to recent allegations about my site being banned from Google, I would like to announce following: AdsenseBlackList.com is URL that was banned from Google Adsense program because of the buzz it has caused by using "Adsense" in it. Since that's their trademark, they suspended ads on my pages, and that's one of the reasons why I'm changing it to AdsBlackList.com. Other reason is that, due to your enormous feedback/suggestions, I want to focus on YPN (Yahoo Publishers Network) and MSN Ad Center market in the future.”

So it’s another move from Google. Ok well I personally don’t have any problem with the site whether it’s adsblacklist or adsenseblacklist. Well it’s seems that author will continue to provide the best service, that’s all what we need just now.


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