June 29, 2007

Xp tricks Series

Now as i have decided to increase some traffic, we are going to start new series called Xp Uncovered series. So Subscribe to series and get the most benifits of regular updates. I am planning to cover following points and the end, I will link to them.


01)Creating a desktop shortcut for locking your computer

02)Deleting System Softwares

03)Creating Shutdown Icon or One Click Shutdown

04)Modify autoplay for different types of CD

05)Renaming The Recycle Bin icon

06)Locking the desktop

07)Removing Shared Documents folder From My Computer

08)Force windows XP to reboot upon crashing

09)Making Google the Default Search Engine in Interne

10)Increasing Band-Width By 20%:

11)Customize Logon prompt with your Own Words:

12)To change Drive Letters:

13)Removing the Shortcut arrow from Desktop Icons:

14)Hiding shared folders with $

15)Improving the Slow Boot up time:

16)Customize Internet Explorer's Title Bar:

17)Removing the Recycle Bin from the Desktop:

18)Adding Administrative Tools Icon To The Desktop:

19)Using advanced file security settings in Windows

20)Creating The Suspend Shortcut:

21)Disable the Disk performance counter(s)

22)Modify Color Selection of Default Theme

23)Removing Multiple Boot Screens

24)Extremely Fast BootUp

25)To Increase the Internet Speed:

26)Renaming The Start Button:

27)Disabling Unnecessary Programs At Startup:

28)To convert a FAT partition to NTFS:

29)Breaking The XP Password:

30)Automatically run programs when starting Windows

31)Hosting online games through the Windows XP firewall

32)Quick Back And Forward Commands In Ie Using Keyboard

33)Disabling Msn Messanger At Startup

34)Creating A Virus

35)How to Hide the drives(c:,d:,e:,a:...etc) in My Co

36)Create a password reset disk

37)Use system restore when you cannot boot your syste

38)Set monitor refresh rate

39)Automatically close non-responsive programs



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